Retailing Management
FormatInbunden (Hardback)
FörfattareMichael Levy
FörlagMcGraw-Hill Education
Antal sidor704

Inbunden (Hardback) • 2018-01-04

Retailing Management

av Michael Levy

  • ISBN: 9780073530024
  • Upplaga: 8
  • Format: Inbunden (Hardback)
  • Publiceringsår: 2018-01-04
  • Förlag: McGraw-Hill Education
  • Antal sidor: 704
  • Språk: Engelska

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Om Retailing Management

Boken Retailing Management släpptes år 2018 och är skriven av Michael Levy.

Den består av 704 sidor och är skriven på engelska. Boken är utgiven av förlaget McGraw-Hill Education.

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Retailing Management, Tenth Edition, highlights the many ways the retail industry has transformed and evolved over the past four years. This text is the only retail management educational product in the market that offers a premium digital content companionMcGraw-Hill Connectto provide best-in-class training. In keeping with its market-leading tradition, this tenth edition focuses on key strategic issues with an emphasis on financial considerations and implementation through merchandise and store management. Strategic and tactical issues are examined for a broad spectrum of retailers, both large and small, domestic and international, selling both merchandise and services. In preparing this edition, the authors focused on five important factors that delineate outstanding retailers:The use of big data and analytical methods for decision making.The application of social media and mobile channels for communicating with customers and enhancing their shopping experience.The issues involved in providing a seamless multichannel experience for customers.The engagement in the overarching emphasis on conscious marketing and corporate social responsibility when making business decisions.The impact of globalization on the retail industry. This edition builds on the basic philosophy of the previous editions but every example, fact, and key term has been checked, updated, or replaced to ensure that this cutting-edge product remains up to date. Because the authors realize that retailing is taught in a variety of formats, a comprehensive supplemental package for instructors is provided, as well as a comprehensive online instructor's manual with additional cases and teaching suggestions. In keeping with the authors' goal of providing a "good read" for students, the conceptual material continues to be supported with interesting, current, real-world retailing examples. To facilitate student learning, the presentation has been streamlined, both visually and pedagogically-for example, based on reviewer comments, the chapters on human resource management and store management have been combined. The unique features of McGraw-Hill's Connect support students and offer instructors a proven, effective, and expedient path to engaging and educating their students. New to This EditionIntroductory vignettes provide an example of how a stellar retailer can be particularly successful by excelling in the subject area for that particular chapter.Retailing views provide new and updated stories that describe how particular retailers deal with the issues raised in each chapter.New cases highlight concepts and theories.A regularly updated blog contains relevant, in-the-news content related to the course material, summaries, and discussion questions of recent retailing articles-all of which are associated wit...

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